Hacking Bresser Weather Station 433Mhz


For christmas, I received my first weather station but I can’t connect it to Internet on the cloud to get weather data. Because of that, I decide to reverse engineering my weather station by using a 433Mhz receiver, an arduino or a RaspberryPi. My thinking process start by searching on the Internet, if somebody did this, I found lot of solutions.


  • Bresser Weather Station TemeoTrend NBF :

The archived documentation is available here

Reverse Engineering the 433Mhz signal

I cropped the Internet to looking for a good method to reverse engeneer the 433Mhz signal emit by the weather station. Lot of solution consist to be intrusive with the hardware.


You need to add an audio jack to the pcb at the receiver/emiter postion in the device to sniff signal with Audacity. I let you the link here

An other solution consists by using an arduino or a raspberry with an rf433 emitter/receiver. I used those as below, order in Aliexpress:


A good video from Tommy Desrochers, that explain how to proceed to do this.


And last, you could use an transmitter dungle and the rtl_433 library to analyse and decode signals.

An other good video from Andreas Spiess:



I decide to create a RFLINK gateway to sniff more than one kind of signal and used it in a domotic system. The RFLINK gateway can also sniff 433Mhz signals.


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